One of the most precious place you can ever
Enter is inside a woman's heart. Inside her soul.
Sometimes it is not easy to find a way inside.
She should keep it guarded well. Those who find
Their way inside should be very special.
She let them in for a reason. Sometimes they
Find their way around her walls. She thinks
She has it all guarded and next thing she knows
There they are. They have now entered a place
That every man dreams of and only a few will find.
She will love you like no other ever has.
Her heart is filled with so much love and happiness.
Cherish every minute you are there. For you will
Be there forever. It's not a place you will ever want
To leave. And she won't let you go easiily.
You have entered her Secret Garden.
That is Her most treasured gift she can ever give to anyone.



..::.Mar Mar Creationz...::..