Mar Creationz


...Superhuman... ..Mad As Hell.. ...It Wont Be Like This For Long...
...If I Was Your Girl... ...Take Me There... ...Damaged...
--I Want You To Need Me-- ...How Could An Angel Break My Heart... ...Hang Out...
..You're My Everything.. ..I Wanna Make Up Right Now.. ..SEX..
..Energy.. ..Lips Of An Angel.. Baby You Save Me
..Whatever It Takes.. ..Everything I Do.. Secret Garden
..I Wanna Know Baby.. --Just Breathe-- I'd Come For You
..Somebody For Me.. ..Your Angel.. --Speechless--
..Something About You Baby.. ..Second Chance.. -Heavily Broken-
..Don't Walk Away.. -Barely Holding On To You- -Still-
..My Buttons.. -Drift Away- -I'm Never Gonna Letchu Go-
..You're The Love I Wanna Be In.. -Life's Memories- -You Make Me Feel So Beautiful-
..You Make It Real For Me.. -Sober- -Back To Your Heart-
..Saving Me.. -Maybe We're Not Meant To Be- -All I Wanna Do Is Love You-
..I Believe In You.. -Underneath Your Clothes- -I Can't Let Go-
-Are You Ever Gonna Love Me- Lessons Learned Cold As You
--I Cant Ever Get Enough Of You-- --No Air-- Come Back To Me
So Addicted To You Last Night Everytime
Better In Time Obsessed Used To Be
Keep You You Make Me Smile Wait For Me
Insatiable If You're Not The One Fallin For You
I Didn't Know My Own Strength Sleeping With A Broken Heart Kiss The Rain
Do I Halo Get Off
When Love And Hate Collide Forever Right Here
How Do I Deal Promise Me You'll Try Beautiful [a k o n]
Frozen Ohh I Love You What Do Ya Want From Me
I Feel Bad I'm Real Russian Roulette
Consider Me Gone Addicted Once in a Lifetime
Just The Way You Are The Man I Wanna Be Bittersweet
You Are My Everything Teenage Dream I Never Told You [i miss everything about you]
If I Were A Boy They Try I Wont Let Go
Nothing Like This Sunday Afternoon Hanging By A Moment
All In Already There When I Look At You
If I Die Young Belongs to You Young Love Murder
F'k**n Perfect Maybe We Can Try Again Jar Of Hearts [who do you think you are]
Pretty Girl Rock [dont hate me coz im beautiful] That Should Be Me I Just Can't Love You Back [radio]
Making Love Out Of Nothing At All [radio] Saving Amy Next To You
You're All That Matters To Me Right Here Spoken For
Stupid Boy The Rock Sex Me Baby
Someone Like You past/present/future Can't Breathe
Stronger [ what doesnt kill ya] Trouble With Girls It Will Rain
You're My Turning Page Turn Me On Immortal
Domino Not Over You Angels Cry
For The First Time My Heart, My Love, My Soul All For You
Total Chaos All Or Nothing At All Somebody That I Used To Know
I Wanna Grow Old With You Forever Ever AFter Wanted
She's Everything To Me Do You Wish It Was Me Come Wake Me Up
Blow Me One Last Kiss Fear [My Friend] Skyscraper
Lemme Give Your Heart A Break Dark Side Say All That You Have To Say
You Promised My Valentine Catch My Breath
Nothing Like Us Exiled Mirror
Bring Me To Life Walking Between The Raindrops With You The Climb
Lurking In The DarkNess I Wont Give Up On Us Amazed
If I Didn't Have You I Just Call You Mine I Love The Way I Love You
Never Keeping Secrets I Told You So I'm Just A Fool
I Just Really Miss You Stay Romance of the Heart
You Are Can I Trust You With My Heart 1000 Years
Eat A Little Dirt Never A Moment You're Not On My Mind ..L a t c h..
Never Love This Way Again **I'm Standing With You** Something Like You
Kajun Babe Sir Just [for my great friend] Umbrella-*My Sis Bree*
****** Dance With My Father Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You
4 Seasons of Loneliness Want You To Want Me Love Me Like You Do
Love You Forever All My Life Hello
All Of Me With You, Im Not Broken Anymore You're Everything
Earned It Forever Will Be Missed [Dedication to Donnie] Stare At You
If You Leave Me Now Center of My World Warrior
Your Strength Broken Arrows Thinking Out Loud
The Fighter On Bended Knee Call Me
Break Up In A Small Town What If I Can't Take The Distance
Speak To A Girl My Tranquility Humble & Kind
You're Gonna Be Relaxing Evening Peace Within Yourself
It Matters To Me Me Too Body Like A Backroad
Female Really Loved A Woman Moving Mountains
Stars Baby, Or The Sand Baby, Write This Down Meet Me In The Middle
You're The Only Woman Never Be The Same Holy
Just Say You Won't Let Go My Hopes and Dreams My Shoulder
Wasted Time Our Feelings Cantcha Say You Beleive In Me
All Out of Love More Than You Ever Know You Are The Reason
Are You Happy Now Just When I Needed You Most Cry Pretty
Merry Christmas 2018 Ashes Happier
Could You Love Me Anyway Everything I Love The Way
Im Gonna Stand By You Do You Believe Sinning With You
Exile..i gave so many signs One Thing Right....You **Don't Give Up On Me**
Illicit Affairs **Someone You Loved** **I Hope**
Who Am I To Say ...Million Reasons... **I Cannot Be Perfect For You**
I Dont Think About You **** ****

..::Dreams Do Come True::..

..::You Just Have To Believe::..

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