This page was created for those who have lost those
Who you hold dear in your heart. They may be gone
For different reasons, but they are gone just the same.
There is such a void in your life because of their absence.
You look back in the past and wonder what went wrong.
How things went so bad so fast. To know the things you
Have once shared are now just memories.
A huge part of your heart is missing. They were the one
Who knew so much bout you. They saw you at your worst.
They saw you at your best. For they brought the best out
In you. You could sit and talk for hours bout everything
And nothing at all, and have so much fun doing it.
You could sit and not say one word and they were fine
With that. They trusted you with thier heart and soul.
You made their day bright with just a simple hello.
But they gave you the same in return. You couldn't
Wait to see them to share your every thought.
But now, all of that is gone. You know you were
Blessed to have them in your life for the time you did.
They helped make you the person you are today.
You can only pray they feel the same way you do.
They will hold the love in their heart as you do.
The memories shared, good and bad. Maybe one day
They will know how much they are missed and loved.
And how much you wish you could go back in time
And undo the wrong that was done to have caused this
Distance between you that you both share.
You wonder if it can be undone. If it even matters
To them now. They have moved on in their life.
As long as they are happy is all that matters.
As long as the sunshine still shines in their life.
At least one of you will have bright days.
Better than both of you being lost in the dark.

Words Torture Your Heart.....Actions Kill Your Soul.....

It's funny tho...My Moto is
Love With Your Heart...Turst With Your Soul.

Both are destroyed







..::.Mar Mar Creationz...::..



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